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Create an Automated Taxi Booking System for Your Business

All of us go from one place to the next. The current tendency is to just use your smartphone app to hail a cab when you need to go there. And in a matter of minutes, a car will arrive to facilitate pick-up and drop-off. Because we travel for so many reasons on a daily basis, transportation has gained a lot of notoriety recently. To make the journey more enjoyable, the app should have additional functions that assist the user. The firm, on the other hand, must reap the rewards as well.

We've all seen how Uber cab services have become a huge success. Isn't that correct? Since technology has penetrated practically every industry, having a taxi booking app for your company is critical to your success. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a clone app comparable to Fastrack, Ola, or Uber. All of our developers can help you create clone apps on whatever platform you need.

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real-time location track
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Readymade Solutions Screenshots

Fare Calculator

This feature enables customers to get an approximate idea of the total fare of their ride. The driver app must also include the fare calculator feature to give the driver an average idea and any discount or promo codes applied by the passenger.

Multiple Car Selection

Enabling multiple car selection features in the taxi app enables riders to choose their desired car for their ride. Passengers can choose their car types, such as sedan, hatchback, luxury, etc., per their convenience, distance, and budget.

Real-time Location Track

This is considered one of the major features of taxi app development. It enables drivers to find the best route and reach the destination within time. This feature also lets customers track the cars and drivers' real-time location.

Payment Options

Including multiple payment options in the taxi booking app makes the passengers' ride more convenient. It enables riders to make payments through their e-wallet, credit/debit cards, online payments, and hard cash.

Booking History Tab

This feature assists users in knowing their previous booking history. It makes cab booking faster and easier. Passengers can book a cab on the same route in the shortest time.

Two Way Reviews

Today, people like to share their feedback, reviews, and experience with every service they grab. Even they choose any service through its ratings and reviews of the cab driver. Therefore, you should provide the customer feedback tab in the taxi booking app.

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big idea

The Big Idea

You must find an important source of innovation, develop a unique marketing strategy, and create a bold, forceful, and bright design style if you want to exceed your rivals. New York Mobile Tech online cab booking solutions emerge as a savior in the struggle of current transportation networks. In response to the ever-increasing needs of taxi dispatch, we've developed a highly effective and personalized taxi app solution that incorporates a variety of high-end features.

With our on-demand cab booking app, taxi firms may reach their goals and grow even more rapidly. Your demands are well-understood by our dynamic working style and our team of experts, and we meet them promptly.

development methodology

Development Methodology

In order to create a strategy that is most effective, we thoroughly examine your company's requirements and work on the present aim and trends of your company.

Whether or not a user wants to buy will be determined by the product's design. Even when you're confident in the value and quality of your products and services, why compromise?

We use the power of technology and morals to bring your artistic vision to market. At every level of the software development process, we take a holistic approach to developing your ideas.

With our testing services, we help you dominate the market at the verge of perfection. Using our software, you won't have to worry about making a mistake that might damage your reputation.



For developers and aggregators, the greatest difficulty is that people who are not tech-savvy are suddenly using technology in large numbers. As a result, a large number of people are ignorant of the need for security.

Having a user interface that allows users to access the majority of Taxi Booking Software's operations and features on a single screen is critical. A taxi app's interface should be developed such that the user doesn't require any technical understanding to use the service.

Transparency and trust are essential in a system built on interpersonal relationships. When developing a taxi app, you must verify that the fee computation is accurate and bug-free. In order to get the most accurate estimate possible, the price calculator should be as near to the real fare as feasible.

Strong security requires file-level encryption. Even if the transmission is intercepted, this will secure the data from being accessed by others. End users' interests will be safeguarded since many aggregators throughout the world have been compromised.

Solution We Deliver

Taxi app development firm New York Mobile Tech is the best in the market. We have a lot of expertise in creating clones and modified versions of existing apps. Our app's features are supported by extensive market research, and the user interface is a delight to use every time it is opened.
fare calculator
Fare Calculator

The fare estimator is a convenient tool that lets customers get an estimate of their fare before making a reservation. Riders must specify their pickup location, destination, and ride-type in order to generate an estimate.

real-time tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Riders can immediately locate local cars using high-precision GPS thanks to real-time tracking. Riders will be able to make an educated choice on their booking as a result.

choosing a car
Choosing a Car

There are several car-rental choices available to passengers. They may choose an automobile that best meets their purpose or desire for the journey, depending on the person.

confirm trip
Confirm/Cancel Trip

Once a ride is found for the desired pick-up and drop-off location, passengers may effortlessly book their journey. They may also cancel their trip if their plans alter.

call driver
Call Your Driver

Using a phone number supplied in the app, passengers may reach drivers directly to address any issues they are having or to receive a fast update. The call is charged to the rider's account since it is placed via the carrier's network.

easy payment
Easy Payment

Cash, credit/debit card, and a variety of e-wallets are all options for riders to pay for their rides. To draw in a big audience, having a diverse selection of payment choices is essential.

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Ride-hailing app security is ensured by following coding standards and taking precautions to avoid data breaches. Source code encryption, server-side data security, as well as error-free code are some of the measures we take to guarantee that your app is safe.
Take a Look at Your Options. GPS Tracking in Real Time. You may either confirm your reservation or cancel it. Location of the Pickup and Drop-off. Options for Making a Purchase.
Depending on the hiring model you select and the scope of the project, we will be selecting our best taxi app developers and allocating them to develop taxi apps like Uber for you.
It's true that our taxi app developers are well-versed in integrating a variety of payment mechanisms, including e-wallets and net banking, into applications. If you tell us the ones you want, we'll put them in your app for you.