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On-demand grocery delivery services for supermarkets and shopping centers

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Providing a Complete Package of Grocery Delivery Services

With New York Mobile Tech's proprietary grocery app solution, you can make a dent in the industry! Delivering a distinctive app experience and a powerful collection of features, our grocery delivery app developers keep your consumers engaged and influence their purchasing decisions. To power up your next-generation grocery delivery service, New York Mobile Tech uses cutting-edge technology, high customization, and extensive third-party connectors. New York Mobile Tech’s grocery delivery app solution is significantly influenced by the grocers' app development and marketing requirements.

A customer-focused app development business, New York Mobile Tech creates and delivers fully-integrated, customized supermarket app solutions. Our grocery mobile app development services enable supermarkets and grocers to have total control over their operations by being heavily influenced by user behavior and client buying motivation. Customers' motivations and decision-making processes drive our solutions, so you can experience a fundamental foundation that saves you time and effort while also providing you with more insight and control.

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Secure Login

Secure signup and login go hand in hand. Both of these sections in an app enable customers to indulge with the app. To make the signup and login secure, including a relevant authentication system, OTP verification, and captcha is vital.

Product Search

This is one of the key features in grocery delivery app development. It should help providers ease the users to find their required items through the app. It is also beneficial to include a filter feature to make searching faster and easier.

Discount Coupons

Customers always look for discount offers, coupons, and promo codes. So the app developers must include this feature to attract more customers to the app's use. The discount does not need to be very high; however, it should be attractive enough to bring the customer.

Address Management

Address management is one of the most convenient features to include in the grocery delivery app. The users can choose the delivery address, and they can change it at any time at their convenience. In this way, this feature makes the shopping experience much better.

Secure Payment

Every user wants secure payment options. So, grocery store owners must provide secure and multiple payment options to the users. It allows users to make payments through debit/credit cards or net banking or choose the cash-on-delivery option.

Live Order Tracking

Real-time tracking has become an essential feature in all delivery app development. It enables users to track their orders in real time. From order pickup to delivery, users can easily track the orders' status through the app.


Integrating rating features in the app is a tried-and-true method for businesses to know how users think about their business and app. So, if your app's rating is higher then more customers will prefer to use the app. This in turn will increase your business's visibility and ROI.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The project environment, technological limitations, and time constraints were the key obstacles we focused on throughout the development and design phase. The customer requested that when a user browses the menu, they would see things that they have recently looked for or have previously ordered depending on their preferences. With the support of a senior developer, our developer was able to accomplish it within the given time period.

We build grocery delivery applications that have all the functionality and user experience aspects customers expect in a market where there are already a plethora of grocery apps available. If you want a successful meal delivery app, you need to improve your customers' overall experience while also eliminating any potential dangers.

development methodology

Development Methodology

In order to create a strategy that is most effective in the grocery sector, we thoroughly examine your company's requirements and work on the present aim and trends of your organization.

Whether or not a user wants to buy will be determined by the product's design. Even when you're confident in the value and quality of your goods and services, why compromise?

We use the power of technology and morals to bring your artistic vision to market. At every level of the software development process, we take a holistic approach to developing your ideas.

With our testing services, we help you dominate the market on the verge of perfection. Using our software, you won't have to worry about making a mistake that might damage your reputation.



Every time a new product or service is introduced to the market, it faces competition. With so many apps in the shop, online grocery delivery is no different and has considerable rivalry in the business.

There are a growing number of eCommerce companies entering the online grocery delivery application market, making it more difficult for startups to compete.

To begin with, the quality of the groceries given to the clients must be of the highest caliber. The correct packaging of groceries is a major source of worry.

Solution We Deliver

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real-time tracking
Real-Time Tracking of Spending

Allow your customers to keep tabs on their grocery bill (using categorised charts) using your app.

grocery list
Reminders to Check Your Grocery List

Let your customers know when they're running low on grocery by sending them a reminder through email.

barcodes scanners
Barcodes Scanners

Using a barcode scanner, consumers may access all of the product's nutritional and pricing information as well as its components and other details.

recipe books
Built-in Recipe Books

The user should be able to choose a recipe, and all the ingredients required to make it will be added to their shopping list.

shopping list
Shopping List

A built-in database in grocery list applications makes it easy for users to swiftly add things to their shopping list using a word prompter.

grocery coupons
Grocery Coupons

Discount coupons based on prior purchases may be given to your consumers.

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There are a variety of variables to consider while developing on-demand delivery software. There are several factors to consider when creating an on-demand delivery app for your company, including the features that will be available only via your app, the technology you want to use for it, licensing, and the amount of work that will be necessary to build it from scratch.

Developing a grocery delivery app typically requires 180 hours of work. Your app development company's experience might also affect how long it takes.