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With our white-labeled food delivery options, you can get your business off the ground.

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Make Apps That Deliver Food Like Grubhub or Uber Eats

With the innovative technology we incorporate into our bespoke on-demand food delivery applications, you may enhance your online presence by 10 times faster.

Have an idea for an on-demand food delivery service of your own? We, as a leading On-Demand application development company, can assist you in creating comprehensive food ordering and delivery applications. Our team of professionals will design and create a unique food delivery app similar to Zomato, packed with powerful features and cutting-edge technologies.

We can help your food company stand out from the crowd with our personalized on-demand ordering and delivery services. Your new features and services will impress and draw in foodies from all around the world. Connect with the best meal delivery app development firm and establish a strong online presence. 

New York Mobile Tech has a long history of providing online food delivery application development services for a variety of sectors and business types. If you're a food delivery business or an individual restaurant, you can count on us to offer the best-in-class bespoke restaurant app development services available today.

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restaurant geofencing
restaurant menu customization
payment options
live order update
push notification
review and rating

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Restaurant Geofencing

Indeed managing time and distance is vital in every food delivery business. Hence, providing the geofencing feature in the food delivery app is vital. Using geofencing-based store selection enables the app users to find the nearest restaurant and deliver faster.

Restaurant Menu Customization

Create your menu with blazing fast and intuitive formats. The menu customization feature assists restaurant owners in adding unlimited food categories and items and getting a professional ordering experience. It helps you get a personalized experience.

Payment Options

Integrating several payment options in the food delivery app is essential to assist customers in making payments for orders. Secure payment options assist customers in making payments with their ease and increase your brand's trust as well.

Live Order Update

Tracking the drivers' details is essential as it assists customers in getting real-time updates on order pickups and delivery times. Moreover, it also assists restaurants in knowing the real-time location of drivers.

Push Notification

Push notifications are one of the vital features to include while developing a food delivery app. Push notifications assist restaurant owners and customers both in different manners. Both parties can know about the order details, payment options, etc.

Review and Rating

Being a food delivery service provider you must include review and rating features in the app. This feature enables the app users to evaluate the restaurant's service based on different factors. Moreover, it also assists you improve your products and service quality.

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the big idea

The Big Idea

During the course of the project's development and design, the project life cycle, technological constraints, and time constraints were the main issues that we had to deal with. The client requested that food items the user had recently searched for or had ordered appear at the front of the menu list as they browsed the list. With the support of a senior developer, our programmer was able to accomplish it within the given time period.

We design food delivery applications that are fully loaded with functionalities and user experience specifics that can satisfy the normal needs and desires of customers in a market currently saturated with food apps. A great food delivery app is created by improving the current client experience and eliminating any possible risks and flaws.

development methodology

Development Methodology

We take the time to get to know your business and its current goals and trends in order to develop a strategy that will help you succeed in the food sector.

It's up to the design to determine whether or not the user wants to buy. So, why settle when you are confident in your goods and services?

We use the power of technology and ethics to bring your artistic vision to market. When it comes to implementing your ideas in the software development lifecycle, we take a comprehensive approach.

With our testing services, we help you dominate the market at the very edge of perfection. Using our solution, you won't have to worry about making a mistake that might damage your brand.



When a new product or service enters the market, the largest hurdle is posed by the competition. In the food delivery market, there is no exception, and there is a lot of rivalry because of this.

Several eCommerce organizations have entered the online meal delivery application market, recognizing the potential it has, making it more difficult for newcomers to make it in this competitive environment.

Most importantly, the meal must be of the highest possible quality when it is delivered to the customer's home or work. The appropriate handling and storage of food is a major source of worry.

Solution We Deliver

Boost your food delivery and ordering the company to greater heights with our white-label app development services for food delivery.
easy and fast registration
Easy and fast registration

Before authorizing a restaurant or delivery worker, administrators can look at their profile.

searching of restaurants
Searching of restaurants

Restaurants around your current location may be viewed based on your GPS position or any other place you may provide.

dishes and menus
Dishes and menus

Menu items from restaurants may be viewed with a photo, the item's name, and the cost.

order tracking
Order tracking

Real-time tracking of order status, including the present location of delivery people. Additionally, the administrator has access to a map showing the current position and status of all delivery people.

simple payment options
Simple payment options

Cards are saved for speedy checkout. Automated payment at the point of sale eliminates the need to repeatedly key in credit card information.

order status
Order status

The restaurant has the option to indicate an order as being turned over to the designated delivery team. As soon as an order has been picked up or delivered, it is noted on the delivery note.

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The amount of time it takes to develop a meal delivery app relies on a wide range of variables. How many features are available, the sort of platform, the technological stack, and so on. However, it takes 45 to 60 days to create a basic on-demand food delivery application with the necessary features and functions.

NewYork Mobile Tech is the best app development company for food delivery. Over the course of the last 10 years, we've built multiple successful meal delivery apps. We have a team of qualified food delivery app developers ready to help you bring your app concepts to life.

In order to be successful as a start-up, you must be willing to put money into the proper markets. The food delivery sector is increasing. Paying quarterly charges for our SaaS-based food delivery service will be incredibly cost-effective for any company, including yours.

You may use online meal delivery in a variety of ways to earn money. Ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, commissions, freemium upsell, and more are all ways to monetize your app.