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The task management app can make the overwhelming task of resource allocation, work delegation and workflow management easy for the stakeholders. It can help improve the productivity of the deliverers and the quality of deliverables.

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App Screenshots & Features

Create a Task

You can use the boards, cards or simple to-do lists to plan your day’s tasks.

Schedule your Day

This allows you to plan your day in advance with the tasks and goals that are important to the project.

Track Each Project

track the status of each project, and check the bottlenecks to ensure you meet the timelines.

Resource Planning

Determine how many resources you will use for a particular project. Identify if managers can use the resources in multiple projects.

Time Tracking

Monitor how many hours a resource spends on the project. Identify the idle hours.


Measure and track the performance of your project using pre-determined KPIs to gain meaningful insights.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The Need: The client needed help managing the multiple projects they were working on simultaneously. It took a lot of work for them to know which resources were available, keep track of the project's completion date and other aspects related to project management. They couldn’t afford to hire a project manager for each project.

The Big Idea: The task management app was an ideal solution for the business. It would send automated reminders on the tasks that need to be completed. For collaboration or dependencies, the app would help remove the bottlenecks. It would improve resource visibility and workflow management.

Development Process

There are several task management apps in the market. We had to identify a way to make this different from the others. The idea was to keep it simple, help manage goals and tasks, and improve the efficiency of the developers.

We began by understanding their challenges and why an off-the-shelf task management solution didn’t work for them. This helped us determine the features that they needed for their business.

Once we had identified the features, we next worked on determining the tech stack, the milestones and the different phases of development. Our team worked on MVP development for validation and design approval. Once approved, we moved into smaller yet successful phases to develop the application.

We ensured proper optimisation and complete application testing before deploying it to the app store.

development process

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was ensuring this app differed from its contemporaries in this niche. Secondly, we had to connect with the stakeholders to check why they wouldn’t use the off-the-shelf apps, and what gaps existed.

We had to use several communication protocols and tools that could help us connect with each person individually to check what features would make the app better for the user.

They wanted to include everything from planning to allocation in a single app. We had to ensure it didn’t increase the complexity while keeping up with the requirements.

There are too many elements in a task management app.We had to weave the different aspects into a simple and usable UI/UX.


Task allocation and delegation play a pivotal role in a project’s success. You can accelerate your processes and achieve the desired timelines with the right automation solutions and tools. Take a peak at how we delivered the task management app solution.

task planning
Task Planning

Create a work breakdown structure for the individual projects for greater efficiency and time management.

easy prioritization
Easy Prioritization

Prioritize your tasks for the individual projects for each day depending on the urgency levels.

hassle-free collaboration
Hassle-free Collaboration

It can help the stakeholders collaborate on the different projects within the software and remove the bottlenecks.


Assign the tasks to the concerned stakeholder within minutes using the agile task management app.

push notifications
Push Notifications

Send notifications when a task is assigned, a comment is resolved, or bottlenecks are observed.


Easy integrations with in-house tools such as CRM, ERP and others for better data flow.

video conferencing
Video Conferencing

Don’t move out of the app to connect with the people using video or audio calls.

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