Real Estate Portal Development

The mobile app for real estate company can help buyers and sellers collaborate to buy/sell properties. The portal offers a range of tools to users for streamlined operations and better lead generation/conversion.

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App Screenshots & Features

Quick and Smooth Onboarding

Excellent tips, swift movement and interactive interface to complete the onboarding.

Detailed Ads

The property owner can mention the details requisite to complete the translation via property ad listings.

Quick Searches

Makes it easier for the person looking for a property to find a place in their area of interest.

Save Searches

Heart your favorite properties or listings to a specific list to view it later.


Reach out to owners via messages to let them know you are interested in the property.


Create a detailed profile on the application mentioning what you are looking for, your location, budget etc.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The Need: The client wanted to overcome the existing gaps during buying/selling/renting properties. They wanted to make the transactions simple, effective, less tedious and more reliable.

The Big Idea: With the real estate portal, the buyers/sellers don’t need to meet in person till they finalise the deal. They can tour the property or connect with the other party via the mobile app for real estate company.

Process of Development

We have a curated development process where we begin with discovering the business and understanding the idea. In this portal development, we were responsible for end-to-end portal creation. It began with validating the idea, where we helped connect with a small target group to determine the need for the solution.

Designing the screens and creating the prototype helped with instant approvals, enabling quick design and rapid application development. We implemented an agile methodology to test while building the application. Our team is involved with continuous upgrades and improvements to optimise the mobile app for real estate company.

our unique development approach


As several people add their details to the application to search for the property, the biggest challenge is maintaining and securing the data. As the real estate mobile app developer, we also had to keep the transaction details and conversations between potential buyers/sellers secure.

We had to ensure our app made up for the loss of face-to-face communication with seamless audio and video chats. Designing the interface to suit all age groups and audience types was equally challenging.


The Solution

add listings
Add Listings

List your residential and commercial property for all to view. You can describe the property, mention the facilities and add other details.

view property
View the Property

View the property via videos and online tours and get a complete 3D view.

in-app chats
In-app Chats

Connect with the buyer, check out the property details, negotiate, take a tour and complete the transaction online.

video conferencing
Video Conferencing

Take the chat to a more face-to-face version with the video conferencing feature to get a glimpse of the buyer and property.

smart filters
Smart Filters

Make your property search more user-friendly by using a wide range of filters.


Use the mortgage or EMI calculators to determine the amount you will get or the EMIs you need to pay.

agent finder
Agent Finder

Find an agent to help buy or sell the property. You can use local agents to help complete the search if you need more time.

map view
Map View

Get a map view of the property and find the exact location of the particular home or office.

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