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Health Tracking

Health tracking is one of the essential features when it comes to a mhealth solution app. The feature helps monitor patients' health conditions and vital signs such as calorie intake, blood sugar level, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.


Integrating appointments in the mhealth app is vital. It enables patients to find their required doctors and get an appointment with them. In this manner, this feature eliminates the waiting time and makes the consultation hassle-free.

Remote Healthcare

This feature works better when it comes to the emergency phase of the healthcare industry. Patients can utilize the in-built map of the app to find their nearest hospitals and doctors in their primary location. This way, a timely and better health solution can be offered easily.

Improved Communication

Mobile health applications improve communication between the service provider and users. Indulging voice calls, video calls, messaging and mobile health records to connect doctors and patients across the health system.

Enhance Doctor Efficiency

mHealth applications offer doctors access to patients' histories with fewer or no errors. Such apps minimize the doctors' burden and enhance their efficiency owing to a swift diagnosis of patients, which offers better treatment and health solutions.

Reviews and Ratings

As several hospitals and doctors are available across every location, it becomes very typical for patients to choose the most suitable doctor. To resolve this, the mHealth app assists patients with reviews and ratings of doctors.

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big idea

The Big Idea

Patients and healthcare providers should collaborate more effectively. At a time, healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses would only contact or consult with patients once. People no longer have to worry about calling their doctors no matter where they are in the world because of the rise of mobile health apps. Data or stats from informal healthcare practitioners like family members may also be used to prevent any potential future illness from the earliest possible indicators. Additionally, family members may utilize mHealth apps to keep tabs on the well-being of loved ones, especially the elderly.

Process of development

The original request from the client was for an iOS and Android healthcare marketplace app. A separate team was created for mobile Android app development New York as a consequence. Our understanding of the application's requirements improved after a few discussions with the client. 

We came up with a strategy for developing a mobile app. The team began with the design and worked through development and testing to put the system into action when it was established. After final testing, we released it to the iTunes and Google Play stores to ensure it was bug-free.

process of development
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As technology becomes more and more prevalent, it is essential to stay up to date. This well-known organization was thinking about building a digitally enabled software application that could offer real-time feedback on their current operations and processes, if required, to improve the appearance and feel of their brand.

Providing a holistic experience was thus a top priority for the customer. Every day's actions needed to be available at any given moment to the board of directors or management, which necessitated an integrated feedback system and a secure application for android app development company New York.

Because our customer is in the healthcare industry, we made sure to make the design simple and user-friendly while including all the various features in one place.


When physicians use cell phones and other wireless devices for patient care, it is known as "mHealth" (mobile health). For long-term disease management and epidemic breakout surveillance, mHealth is also used for sickness monitoring and therapeutic help.

user verification
User Verification

A patient's personal and medical information must be confirmed before they may use the app.

patient details
Patient Details

Those who want to have their medical records evaluated by a physician may also use concierge and imaging services. Surgeons have access to these details before any consultation.

customer experience
Customer Experience

The ideal way to succeed is to give the best possible service, and one of the most important ways to do so is to deliver the best possible client experience.

instantaneous modifications
Instantaneous Modifications

Using the healthcare marketplace app, patients can keep track of the progress of all their requests and get push alerts with up-to-the-minute information.

payment module
Online Payment Module

Patients may pay for surgical procedures via the software's payment gateway link. Patients are charged for their services because of pre-authorization.

push notifications
Push Notifications

Push notifications have been included in the healthcare marketplace app to keep patients and surgeons updated on the status of their individual cases.

web portal
Web Portal

To keep track of and double-check the accuracy of patient and surgeon data, an admin-only online site is accessible.

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