Laundry and Dry Cleaning App

The custom laundry and dry cleaning app allows users to bid goodbye to the tedious task of laundry. They don’t need to wait till laundry day to get their clothes rinsed and dried. On-demand services offer the convenience of at-home pickup within a few hours of delivery.

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App Screenshots & Features

Schedule your Appointments

Allow users to determine their laundry pickup times and when they need clean clothes.

Customised Solutions

Give customers their choice of laundry services, from eco-friendly detergents to tumble drying at pre-determined costs.

Push Notifications

Lets your customers know when they are due for picking up or when the order has left the laundry service outlet.

Geolocation Tracking

Track your laundry pickup person from the store to your home to see when they will arrive.


Get a peak into the ratings received by the laundry service on the app for dry cleaning to check if they fit your requirements.

Customer Support

Customers can reach out to the help personnel with questions and queries about the app for dry cleaning.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The Need: The client noticed the cumbersome efforts that go into a laundry day. This is especially true when you have an important meeting the next day, and the suit needs to be prepared. Getting the clothes washed and dried, especially in peak monsoons, could be a hassle for the end user.

The Big Idea: The client saw a massive opportunity in this need. They decided to opt for a custom laundry app development that would help them deliver drycleaned or spotless clothes within a few hours. This would give their clients the readiness they need to attend meetings.

Development Process

There was a huge potential in the on-demand laundry segment. However, the client needed custom laundry app development that would work for their target niche.

Our first step was to determine the niche and check their requirements. The client had extensive knowledge that they shared. This helped us prepare the base for the app and underline the features.

After a bit of back and forth, we decided on the features, the development plan, the tech stack and the methodology.

We began by developing the wireframes, followed by the MVP. A clear design process allowed us to keep the UX and UI simple and interactive.

Once we completed the design process, we began connecting with the developers. We used the agile process to deliver small sprints that we tested individually. This allowed us to offer an app that was tested during development to the testing team. Thorough quality assessment and beta testing offered feedback that helped optimise the app for the launch.

development process

The Challenges

Ensuring one task per screen to create a simple UX was a big challenge. We had to break down the entire application into functions that fit into the screen. This helped us build a design logic used to create the experience design.

There are several laundry aggregators in the market. We had to create an app that was different from the others. Apart from adding a few more services, we introduced single-click registration and checkout that helped enhance the experience.


People need on-demand laundry services to ensure clean clothes and better quality garments. The laundry and dry cleaning app solution helps increase the longevity of the clothes. We delivered a suitable solution that allowed our client to attain their business goals with these features.

easy registration
Easy Registration

The users can get into the app by filling out a form or integrating their Gmail/social media with the app for dry cleaning.

in-app payments
In-app Payments

Users can easily complete their payments using various payment methods inside the app.


Track if your order is ready and waiting to be picked up or on the way.

loyalty integration
Loyalty Integration

Integrate the app with the rewards program at the store to automate the loyalty point additions.

cost calculator
Cost Calculator

The app allows you to calculate the total dry cleaning cost or laundry cost for the items you have.

accept-reject order
Accept/Reject Order

This is for the provider. They can easily accept or reject the orders.

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