Foreign Exchange Card Management App

The fintech mobile app is aimed to help foreign travellers go cashless and enhance their shopping experiences. The app allows quick calculation of the current exchange rates, offers pre-paid transactions and allows the user to spend at stores or restaurants locally.

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App Screenshots & Features

Scan QR

Easy payments from the app to manage multiple credit cards by scanning the QR codes.


Get deals that are available on your credit card for foreign exchange in the app.

No Setup Fee

Activate your multiple credit cards from the app with zero activation fee.

Monthly Budget

Setup a monthly budget to travel across the globe with this app for credit card management.


Integrate the app with Apple Pay and other wallets that work in global locations for hassle-free payments.

Change Pin

Change your pin from the app to access the physical card at different locations.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The Need: Travelers who carry multiple credit cards for foreign locations are potentially at risk. They need to monitor their cards, ensure they don’t lose them and determine which card is for which place. It can make the wallet bulky and the mind strained. Apart from that, if the user has not set a limit for the card, loss of the card can be potentially risky.

The Big Idea: The client planned to develop an app to manage multiple credit cards. A single app would retrieve the card details, help set the limits and ensure that the user can manage the cards easily. They can keep the wallet light.

Development Process

The development process to create an app for credit card management involved identifying and validating the client’s idea. We tried to determine all the credit cards that the target market uses.

We used only the most often used card to create the MVP. We used this card to identify the features, determine the tech stack, and check how people would use the credit card app.

Once we were sure of the design and received the MVP approval, we began coding the application. We deployed the app after thorough testing and verification.

Based on the users' feedback, we began improving the application and adding more cards to the app to manage multiple credit cards.

development process

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was checking which Forex card the target market uses. There were multiple cards in the market, each with a solid database. Initiating the app development for a single card used by most users proved to be a great task.

It was important to keep setting limits, managing the cards and even adding/deleting cards easy for the users. The user group comprised people from all age groups, demographics, and learning curves.

As it is a Fintech application, we had to ensure it was highly secure. We had to take the right measures to make the app safe for the users and from risks/vulnerabilities.


Foreign travel can get expensive. Adding more cards to make it affordable can make your wallets bulky. To ensure safe and secure travel, you can opt for Foreign exchange cards. With the right software solution, you can monitor your purchases and make your trip budget-friendly.


You can add multiple currencies to your card depending on the top places you generally visit.

set limits
Set Limits

Set the limits for all the credit cards you own for the different spending types, including inside the restaurant or online.


You can block/unblock the card from the app for credit card management in case it is lost.

exchange rates
Exchange Rates

Calculate the exchange rates for the different countries from the app to determine the amount you need to charge.


Get a view into your credit card activity from within the application.

past transactions
Past Transactions

Check all the past transactions from a single place.

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