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The fantasy sports game app is an exciting and engaging niche growing to be popular. It makes watching the game all the more fun. The users gain rewards for watching their favourite game and playing alongside.

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App Screenshots & Features


Get a complete view of your earnings, wins, losses and detailed analytics on the dashboard.

Quick Highlights

Get match highlights for the ones that you missed.

Badges Achieved

Every fantasy game offers different badges for the different levels attained.

Join/Create Tournaments

You can create new tournaments or join the existing ones by paying the money.

Push Notifications

Get notified when you win something, or your team member gets out.

Withdraw Earnings

Transfer your earnings from the fantasy game into your bank account.

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big idea

The Big Idea

The Need: Watching a game is exciting, but it is passive. The client wanted to engage the fans and make the whole process engaging. It should be a more active involvement.

The Big Idea: The client wanted an app that would allow fans to interact with each other, create their fantasy teams and check who wins. It was a game of strategy, where they would try a plan different from the team’s captain to see what would happen. This would lead to engagement and more involvement during the game.

Development Process

We chose a simple and intuitive process to create the fantasy sports game app. We studied the niche. We used the Discovery phase to understand the competition, how they have evolved, and what makes them different. We also studied the client’s requirements and understood how they visualised the application.

We proceeded with screen design and strategy once the requirements were clear. Designing for experience was our first motto. We moved from design to development. Testing was crucial as the app had to update the score from the APIs linked to it dynamically. Once we were sure of the app’s performance, quality and speed, we launched the app into the store.

development process

The Challenges

With fantasy sports game apps, the biggest challenge appears in real-time updates. The lag between the actual score update and an update on the application can cost you users. That’s why we had to make sure we were linking APIs and plugging in algorithms that would ensure smooth updates and real-time insights.

Another challenge was the need to protect the user’s information from hackers and maintain security. Before we deployed the application, we conducted a vulnerability test to check for security issues. We ensured there were security layers and authorization-based access. As part of the maintenance plan, we issued vulnerability tests every few weeks to determine the application's health.


The Solution

performance history
Performance History

Learn about the team’s past performance, abilities and strengths from the application.

rankings and statistics
Rankings and Statistics

Get a detailed view into the numbers of the team members playing the game for a better outcome.

expert advice
Expert Advice

Get an expert’s insight into the team you have created and how feasible it is.

view earnings
View Earnings

Learn how much you have earned from your fantasy sports game app at the end of the tournament.


Learn everything about the contest, including the entry fees and the prize money.

profile settings
Profile Settings

Get a complete view of your profile and set it to learn more details as and when needed.

upcoming events
Upcoming Events

Learn about upcoming events and sports tournaments in the next few months.

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