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Seamless Registration and Login

Easy registration is an essential feature of any application, especially in mobile app development. It is where the users start interacting with the app. To minimize drop-off, you need to offer seamless and easy registration to the app users.

Product Catelog

If we talk about the key to an eCommerce application, it is the catalogue. Put high-resolution and clear images in the product catalogues. It turns your app into a successful shopping platform. Add an add-to-cart button and make the products easily accessible.

Cart Management

Can you imagine an eCommerce platform without a cart? No. While designing eCommerce apps, you need to frame intuitive carts with several features. You can include direct management and customization of product size, colour, and quantity in the cart. 

Payment Options

Integrating a secure payment gateway is vital in every eCommerce application. No user use eCommerce apps having insecure payment system. Ensure GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) first in the eCommerce app development.

Order Tracking

Your eCommerce app development job is not finished until it has real-time order tracking feature. It enables users to check their order processing and delivery. Additionally, real-time order tracking makes your app reliable and offers a seamless customer experience.


An eCommerce app offers hundreds of products. So, using a filter system and search bar can assist clients in finding their required products effortlessly. Using this feature makes app usage more convenient and quick. 

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big idea

The Big Idea

Multivendor stores offer shoppers an extensive catalog and choose from various products provided by different vendors. A multivendor marketplace is also an eCommerce platform that enables multiple vendors to sell their products using a single storefront efficiently. Technical proficiency and skills in modern app development tools are vital to creating such stores. 

Consider multivendor stores like shopping malls. Several sellers deal in the same and different sets of products. The interest in multivendor eCommerce stores is increasing rapidly. Therefore, eCommerce business owners are moving towards multivendor eCommerce platforms. We at New York Mobile Tech ensure businesses leverage the full potential of multivendor eCommerce platforms at a budget-friendly cost.

Process of development

It's our goal at NewYork Mobile Tech, a top multi-vendor eCommerce app development company, to meet all of your business requirements. In addition to being compatible with a wide range of platforms, our team of developers has designed high-performance and secure multi-vendor eCommerce applications.

Among the numerous features of the Multi-vendor eCommerce app enables vendors to complete several transactions effortlessly. Vendors can easily connect with each other to fulfill their mutual business needs. The seller side of the Multi-vendor eCommerce application is designed to make it easier to handle the many operations and provide seamless services to consumers. The admin panel has features including profile management, an interactive dashboard, and more.

process of development
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It doesn't matter if you're converting a legacy system or starting from scratch; we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

Creating a highly functional, scalable, and user-friendly multi-vendor eCommerce app per clients' needs.

Framing the Mobile App's development strategic planning, development, development, and marketing. These obstacles are associated with the product's technology and design.

Multi-vendor eCommerce applications may vary as per the client's requirements. Using modern app development technologies, algorithms for machine learning, and cutting-edge tools to get the job done.


There must be new approaches in a Multi-vendor eCommerce app development in order to acquire insight into such apps that can help you leverage top market benefits and profits. Moreover, we deliver the most efficient and market-ready solution to our client at a budget-friendly price.

easy compatibility
Easy Compatibility

Due to the fact that Multi-vendor eCommerce is used in so many different sectors throughout the world, it must be able to readily interact with other mobile platforms.

secure signup
Secure Signup

The registration section may be made more secure by incorporating technologies such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, one-time password generation, and unique code generation.

easy login
Easy Login

Customers may register for new accounts directly within the mobile application, or they can use their existing Google or Apple IDs to sign in.


Create a mobile-first marketplace accessible exclusively through the application and operate it using a headless web-based administrative interface.

messaging chatbots
Messaging Chatbots

With the help of artificial intelligence, chatbots respond to user concerns and difficulties in a timely manner and support customers throughout the app's usage.

brand identity
Brand Identity

Determine the aesthetics of the mobile app for your marketplaces, such as the colors and logo. After then, it will be made available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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