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Tailor-made Cross-platform apps with the React Native Framework

The React Native framework is a Facebook-owned and supported open-source mobile app development framework. The best part of the framework is that it allows using a single codebase to develop mobile apps for various platforms. React Native shortens the app-to-market time and quickens the development time. React Native is the first choice of developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

At New York Mobile Tech, we have a dedicated team of certified, talented React Native developers with expertise in the domain. They will cater to your complex versatile requirements and create a cross-platform app that matches your expectations. Hire React Native app developers now.

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Hire Dedicated React Native Developers in the USA

Our ROI-driven React Native mobile app development services in usa will surely give visibility to your brand. Hire dedicated React Native app developers who work solely on your project to deliver it on time.

Why Hire New York Mobile Tech for React Native App Development?

When you think of cross-platform app development, React Native is the obvious choice. At New York Mobile Tech, our main USP is our core team of highly talented and innovative developers. Our React Native developers use the latest, cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and other technologies. Furthermore, our agile development methodology helps us to deliver apps on time.

Hire dedicated React Native developers who write top-notch level of code to offer a native-like user experience to your audience. Our React Native developers have successful projects lying in their portfolios and have helped businesses to write their growth stories with robust mobile app solutions. In addition to that, we also offer post-deployment support and deployment services.

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Services You Can Expect from Our React Native Developers

For React Native app development, our developers leverage their experience and expertise to offer scalable, custom, and unmatched mobile app solutions. Apart from core app development, our developers will also research your business, competitors, and target audience to get you the best custom app that represents your brand.

When it comes to React Native app development services, our developers offer a wide range of services such as native app development services, cross-platform app development services, app migration, app re-engineering, custom API development, enterprise app development, etc. hire remote React Native developer in new york to create robust apps that stand out in the market.

Know Essential Skills You Should Look for in Dedicated React Native App Developers:

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and Basics of React
  • In-depth knowledge of the framework
  • Well-versed with mobile app platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Expertise in third-party APIs and dependencies
  • Real-time experience of working with tools such as Redux, Jest, ES6, etc.
  • Understanding of testing and debugging

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Questions to ask React Native developers

React Native was launched in 2015 by Facebook and since then, it has been one of the most secure, reliable, and efficient JavaScript frameworks. Here is a list of benefits of React Native: React Native offers cross-platform compatibility. It simply means that you can reuse the code for various platforms such as Android, iOS, or Windows. You don’t have to create two separate apps. You can just create one app and use the same code to develop another app. It saves effort and shortens the app-to-market time. The hot-reloading feature of the React Native framework allows developers to see a preview window where changes made by them can be seen clearly. The interface of the React Native framework is easy-to-navigate and slick. Multiple developers can work on it simultaneously to work on a single project. It saves time and quickens the development process. One of the best things about React Native is that it is highly compatible with a wide range of third-party plugins to quicken the development process and add advanced features and functionalities to the app.

Developers develop components first and then these components, once combined, make up the whole app. In React Native, some of the components are listed below: View: The View component is used to display the layout of the entire app. Text: The Text component is used to display text. TextInput: It is used to input text. ScrollView: The ScrollView component is used to insert a scrolling container. StyleSheet: It is used to insert different style objects. Image: It is used to render images. Button: It is used to insert buttons.

Component-driven development is a type of mobile app development process in which different components are developed rather than objects. To make an app as a whole, these components are later combined where individual components serve their own purposes. Some components are buttons, navigation bars, images, and others. The React Native framework is a component–driven framework.

The state is the real-time information of a particular property at a particular time period. When a user takes some actions or interacts with components, the state of the property changes. It is called the state in React Native.

The bridge, as the word suggests, works as a bridge between JavaScript and Native modules. Here is a list of the various roles of the bridge. The bridge opens the React Native app from the Native module when it receives the user response. Then the bridge transports the payload to the JavaScript module. As the event is processed and the JavaScript module has a virtual DOM, the bridge will receive the serialized batched response. Then the bridge passes that response for rendering to the Native module.

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