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John Parker
by John Parker Dec 02, 2022

The long distances, long commuting hours, and endless traffic scenarios make traveling around the city frustrating and unimaginably tiring. The taxi booking applications are a respite for commuters. With these apps, you can book a cab service or take a bike to your office. 

With the on-demand structure, bike taxi booking app development has grown exponentially. The revenue for the ride-hailing segment is projected at $276.4 billion in 2022. The revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.51% CAGR by 2026 (Statista).

With such incredible growth, there are untapped opportunities within this segment that you can explore. You need to partner with an expert bike taxi booking app development company to enter this niche with a powerful solution.
Let's discuss why you should partner with a mobile app development company and the reasons to enter the bike taxi niche. 

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in a Bike Taxi Booking Application Company

Having a strong app idea or concept is not enough; you should validate it, check its feasibility and plan the development. Before you do all this, you need a strong partner that can help make these processes hassle-free. Here are all the reasons you need an app development partner for your bike taxi booking application. 

bike taxi booking app development partner

#1. Customized Development

Your app idea will be different from others in the business. As a result, it is important to choose a tech stack, features, and even the development approach that fits your user base and budget.

An expert mobile app development company would understand this aspect and take a more customized route to plan the features and develop your application.

They would offer your application an edge over the competition by considering features and advanced solutions aligned with the user's intent of using your application. 

#2. Planning the Advanced Features

They are experts in bike taxi booking application development. As a result, they would know the exact features that would work with your users. They can plan and define the way the features would appear. Simultaneously, as they might have worked on most of these advanced and beginner features, they could develop them faster. In most cases, they will use the existing components and pre-developed codes to build the features. 

#3. Strong Team of Experts

They have experts in all aspects of app development on their team. If you need to incorporate AI/ML-based solutions, they already have experts or can hire them easily. As a result, adding new technologies or working with current trends is easier for the app development team.

Each person within the development team is an expert in a particular technology or framework. As a result, it becomes easier for them to develop the app easily. 

#4. Availability of Source Code

In most cases, the expert team has the source code available. This led to accelerated development and the launch of bike taxi applications to the market. 

The app development company doesn't have to develop these apps from scratch. They can use the available source code, the apps they have built, and other components to build your mobile application. This accelerates the time to market and reduces the effort. Eventually, it is a cost-effective app development approach. 

#5. Accessibility and Availability

You can easily access the team and their developers when you work with a bike taxi booking mobile app development company. If you need some input on a particular feature you wish to include or want to know how far the development has progressed, they are a ping away. 

Even after the development, the app development company offers support and maintenance services, which ensures you can connect with the team whenever needed. 

#6. Improved Business ROI

If you were to develop the application in-house, you must spend several hours hiring the resources if you don't have them. Secondly, you must spend time away from core business work on development. This will hamper your profits and even core business functioning. 

Hiring an expert app development company can reduce your efforts in app development. The app development company will ensure a single point of contact allows you to track the project's progress. As a result, you can focus on improving the ROI. 

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Bike Taxi App Development

Do you need help deciding whether to enter the bike taxi app niche? Despite the numbers and numerous players, you are wary that competition will get to you. As discussed earlier, the bike taxi booking niche is flourishing and has a lot of potential for app developers. Here are the reasons you should invest in developing a bike taxi app. 

why invest in bike taxi app development

#1. Increases Business Visibility

Your reach improves when you develop an application for the bike taxi booking business. An application is a direct way to reach customers interested in your business. With the increasing use of smartphones, it has become important for your business to be present where the users are for reach and visibility. 

#2. Improves Return on Investment

You will get better returns when you invest in taxi booking app development. More people go to their smartphones to fulfill their needs. People turn to smartphones whether they want to book a bike for commuting or need a taxi for their long journey. You have better chances of converting these customers and improving the returns on your investment

#3 Better Resource Allocation

Most often, fleet owners have no idea of the resources available. With the right app solution, you will know how to allocate resources, manage the fleet and ensure seamless operations. You will know when the resources are available and idle. It will improve the allocation and delegation capabilities of your business. 

#4 Bolsters Brand Image

Investing in a mobile application for the taxi booking business can boost your brand image. People will move to your brand whenever they want to complete a bike and taxi booking application. Uber has made this possible by creating an on-demand cab booking application. This niche is synonymous with Uber and shows how an application can bolster brand image.

#5. Automation for Reduced Costs

You can automate several aspects of the bike taxi booking workflow to enhance the outcome. It can easily streamline the workflow, make mundane tasks work faster and enhance the results. As a result, it reduces the overhead and management costs for the business. 

Features Every Bike Taxi App Should Include

We have created a taxi booking app features list that you cannot ignore when planning your application. These include features for the customers, drivers, and administration. 

A) Customer-side Features

  1. Profile Creation and Login
  2. Easy Cab Booking
  3. Tracking through GPS
  4. Confirmation via email, SMS, and other channels
  5. Selection of destination and pickup
  6. In-app payments

B) Rider-side Features

  1. Registration and Login
  2. Invoices through the app
  3. Ride confirmation
  4. Payments within the application
  5. History of the past rides 
  6. Real-time alerts that mention the latest policy changes and other details

C) Admin-side Features

  1. Managing drivers and customers
  2. Sending out messages stating policy and legal changes
  3. Real-time app updates
  4. Keeping track of the entire fleet.

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What Makes New York Mobile Tech Different from Other Bike Taxi Clone App Development?

New York Mobile Tech is a leading mobile app development company that offers bike taxi clone app development solutions. Why should you partner with New York Mobile Tech for your new app idea?

1. 30+ Unique Features

We have delivered over 30+ unique and bespoke features for bike taxi booking applications. With our understanding of the booking app needs and the latest user needs, we defined features that can impress the end users

2. 100+ Clone Apps

We have delivered over 100 bike taxi clone apps suggesting our expertise in this niche. We built a customized roadmap and app development journey with every application that helped us succeed. 

3. Increased Downloads

When you build a mobile application for your niche, you want to ensure significant downloads. With the bike taxi booking application, we can offer your business increasing downloads and a thriving success rate. 

4. Adept with the Niche

We are abreast with the latest technologies and trends that are famous in the niche. Having worked in the bike taxi booking business for a while, we know what the users need and the existing gaps. It helps us collaborate with businesses to provide an excellent solutions. 

5. Strong Development Team

We have been working in this industry for over 6 years. The experience has helped us determine the type of developers one needs to build a strong mobile application for the bike taxi booking niche. We have recruited resources and built a strong team that helps with fast turnaround times and ensures fully capable solutions. 

How to Determine Actual Bike Taxi Booking App Maintenance Cost?

Maintenance is an important part of your taxi booking app development cost. If you have calculated the development cost and ignored the budget to maintain it, you might need help to plan efficiently. 

bike taxi booking app maintenance cost

Here are all the things that can impact the maintenance cost of your bike taxi booking application. 

1. Hosting Costs

When you develop an app, you choose a server where you host it. This is a monthly or yearly cost, depending on the subscription. As a result, it will add to your maintenance costs. Everything from the history to the bookings is stored in the memory within the servers. You can choose a public or private cloud to host your application. Consider your hosting requirements, memory, and CPU before you conclude the budget.

2. Feature Upgrades

As part of the maintenance, the app development team will be responsible for updating features and enhancing the application's usability. This will require team members to continuously look at the feedback and see what features need to be updated. 

3. Fixing the Bugs

This is equally important when calculating the app maintenance costs. You need to have a developer who will be responsible for fixing the bugs and issues. They will continuously monitor things like crashes and errors and handle them with care.

4. Subscriptions

You need to pay the subscription fees if you have integrated with third-party tools and APIs. For example, in the case of in-app payments, you will need to pay the subscription cost for accessing the payment gateways in your mobile app.  

How to Reduce Bike Taxi Booking App Maintenance Cost?

When calculating the overall taxi booking app development cost, maintenance costs can exceed the development costs by multi-folds. Here are multiple ways to reduce the maintenance cost.

1. Having a Maintenance Strategy

Along with app development, you should plan for app maintenance. This will help you identify the cost-adding factors. You can plan to remove these aspects or make them more cost-efficient with the right strategy.

2. Test-driven Development

Testing while developing will help fix the bugs at the early stages. As a result, you can ensure a bug-free app. When developers don't need to fix bugs as part of maintenance duties, it can significantly reduce app development costs.

3. Suitable Tech Stack

Most teams, as part of the maintenance, look into app upgrades and feature updates. This can make maintenance expensive. If you choose a tech stack that can automate this process or ensure timely updates, it can save expenses. 


Bike taxi booking application is a growing niche with plenty of opportunities. You can leverage the market with the right idea and knowledge of the user's intent. Partnering with a suitable bike taxi booking app development company is equally important, as they will have the expertise to validate your idea and build a capable solution in sync with your business goals.

New York Mobile Tech is a leading bike taxi booking app development company with a global presence. We have delivered capable solutions for a wide range of bike taxi businesses keeping in mind their budget and app development requirements. You can connect with our team to check the feasibility of your idea and build the concept into a full-fledged solution.