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John Parker
by John Parker Oct 28, 2022

The proliferation of apps on the Apple store suggests that it is still one of the most prominent places to launch your mobile app. Despite ranking at number two, most businesses consider developing for Apple store before moving to Android. High security, proper ios app design guidelines and premium users are few reasons why mobile app developers prefer this platform. 

iPhone has a 48.7% market share in the U.S. markets (Statista). There are more than 120 million iPhone users in this country. With such a vast share, it is imperative to develop iPhone applications for your users. 

To build an app that fits your vision, translates your idea and encourages engagement, you need a team of iOS developers. This guide will help you find the right iPhone app developers with the essential skillsets and experience.

What to Look for in iOS Developers?

When you plan to hire iOS app developers USA, you should have a list of all the characteristics to look for in the team or individual. We will take you through certain 5 things to consider when hiring iPhone developers.

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Check their Skillsets

It is very important for the iOS developers to showcase the essential skills required to build an iOS app. 

➔ They should be proficient with Swift and Objective-C programming languages. They should possess an understanding of Cocoa Touch

➔ They should know the core frameworks such as Core Data, Core Graphics and Core Animation

➔ The developers should be fully versed with the interface guidelines and Apple design principles

These are just the few skills that every iOS developer should possess to develop a customized application for your business. 

Determine their Experience

When employing iOS developers for your next application, you should look for someone with the experience in iOS app development. They should have delivered capable iPhone and iPad applications for your niche.

For example, if you are in retail industry, look for apps that resemble your business offering. Say, you want an app to improve the retail supply chain, then you need someone who has delivered such apps. They would be able to understand the market better. They would also know the gaps that exist in the market. 

Look into their Portfolio

Their portfolio combined with their experience will give you a detailed understanding of their capabilities. You will know if they understand iOS app market and your niche combined. 

Check the case studies they have created for iOS apps in your niche. If they have created a retail iOS app, you can see what problems they solved. Get an insight into the process, the tech stack and other aspects of the development to learn more about the developer. 

The Developer’s Personality

What is the developer like? How do they carry themselves when building your application? This will help you determine whether they are suited for your application. 

For example, a person who is confident and keenly lets you into the process is the ideal developer for your business. they will keep an open communication and maintain transparency throughout the process. 

Ability to Solve Problems

This is an important point to consider when hiring iOs developers. They should be able to resolve bottlenecks with creative solutions. They shouldn’t come to you for a solution; they should offer you one.

When your developer or team suggests the solutions or offers resolutions, they are capable in several ways. 

Step-by-step process to look for iOS developers?

To add value to your iOS mobile app, you should hire best-fit individuals or teams. We will take you through the 8 steps to follow to hire the developer.

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Step#1: Identify the Purpose of the Application

Are you planning an iOS-first mobile application for your business? Before you hire dedicated iOS developer, know why you need an iPhone or iPad application.

Do you want to improve visibility? Are you looking to improve the revenue for your business application? Do you need more users on the application to complete in-app purchases? 

Once you have identified the purpose, it is time to set the goals. The goals will help determine the common vision for you and the iOS developer you plan to hire. The common vision can help in better planning of the application. 

Step#2: Define the Requirements and Work Scope

The next step for you to hire a suitable iOS developer is identifying the requirements and determining the work scope. If your requirements are clear and the scope is defined, you can plan the development easily. It will help streamline the jobs, allocate the resources and help release the application faster. 

You should mention the features, and functionality in the requirements. Do mention what you aim your users to do with the application so that the developers and you are on the same page. 

Step#3: Outline the iOS App Developer’s Profile

Before you hire iOS developers, you should chalk out their profile. Add a detailed job description, talk to them about the expertise you need, and the responsibilities they will be handling. It should be detailed enough to help the sourcing team screen through the potential candidates.

Mention the skills the developer should possess. Walk them through the ideal personality of the candidate. These things will help screen and shortlist better.

Step#4: Source the iOS Developers

It is time to find all the potential iOs developers for your upcoming application. You can source the iOS developers from several places.

Seek recommendations if you know people who have recently added a developer to their team. Search on Google and other search engines to find developers with similar skill sets. You can also find them on websites where the dedicated iOs developers enlist themselves. 

Step#5: Shortlist the Candidates

As part of the hire iOS app developers USA process, you need to begin shortlisting the candidates at this point. Here are a few pointers that can help you bring the list down to few candidates:

Experience: Do they have the relevant experience to develop iPhone mobile app solutions? Can they provide the application as per your requirements for the niche?

Review and Rating: Have their past clients given them excellent reviews? What is their clutch ratings? A good rating and nice review can help you select the candidate

Expertise: Do they have proficiency in coding and design for iPhone applications? If yes, they would be able to deliver the apt interface and backend solutions

Step#6: Technical and Soft Skill Screening

Once you have a shortlist of all the clients that fit your needs, you can start skiming them further by identifying their technical abilities and soft skills.

Are they tech-savvy and can solve any kind of complex problem with iOS programming language. You can test their technical capabilities. At this point, it is equally important to check their soft skills. Do they respond to your queries promptly? Do they answer all your questions? Do they have a communication process?

Step#7: In-person or Virtual Meeting

Once you have determined the top two or three potential candidates that you may want to hire, it is time to meet them. This in-person meeting is crucial to hire iOS developers for your next project.

➔ You will know their overall development process and methodology that can help accelerate the development time

➔ It will help determine the communication protocols they follow

➔ Lets you know how streamlined they are and what are their methods to collaborate

Step#8: Sign the Contract and Enter into a Partnership

The final step to hire dedicate iOS developer is to sign the contract with them. Make sure you have all the details mentioned in the contract along with the work scope. Every piece of requirement should be specified along with the budget breakdown for the project. 

Where can you look for iOS developers? 

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When you hire iOS app developers USA, you should know where to look for them. Here are all the places you can source potential developers.

Search Engines: When you search for relevant keywords showcasing your intent to hire, you can find the top companies and developers. Depending on the need you can hire an individual or team.

Social Media: LinkedIn has been a relatively active space where you can search for developers that can help you with iOs mobile application development. Facebook is yet another space to connect with developers

Freelancer Sites such as Upwork: You can look for iOs developers in New York on websites such as Upwork or Freelancer.com. There are several other sites as well where iOs developers and development companies list themselves.

Clutch: Rating sites such as Clutch can help you identify and hire iOS app developers USA. These sites will give you an in-depth understanding of the top iOS developers or companies. 

Best Practices to Partner With the iOS Developer for Smooth Development

If you want to develop a successful iPhone app by partnering with an iOS developer, you should choose to follow these best practices.

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1. Open and Transparent Communication

When you hire iOS developers for your iPhone or iPad application, it is important to open the communication lines. Plan for open and honest communication with the developers. You should determine the communication protocols, and channels beforehand. 

2. Agile Practices

It is important to incorporate agile practices for successful app development. Make sure to build an iterative and in-sync process that can help you create a test-driven environment. You can build small iterations, test it and commit it. this way you can improve the quality and accelerate the time to develop the mobile app.

3. Determining the Exact Requirements

To ensure that the end result is successful, you should define the exact requirements. If you want a particular feature, make sure to list it. if you need the app to perform a particular task, mention it in detail. The perfect documentation of the requirements and features can help you create the best application.

4. Validate and Select the Tools

It is important for you and the iOS developers to validate every tool. Assess it and evaluate it against the requirements. Check if it meets the requirements and quality needs. If it does, then invest in the tools. You will spend a few more minutes selecting the right tool. However, it will save you a lot of time when you use the right tool. 


It is imperative for you to hire iOS developers who are skilled, competent and proficient in iPhone and iPad app development. They should be well-versed with the technologies, latest trends and your niche for successful app development. 

Hiring the right developer takes a lot of research. New York Mobile Tech is a renowned iOS app development company with an extensive experience. We have delivered more than 100 iPhone applications for diverse industries. If you want to hire dedicated iOS developers, connect with our team. We will identify and source the best solution providers for your needs.