Detailed Guide on Apple Vision Pro Developer Tools and Functions

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Apple Vision Pro Developer Tools and Functions Explain
John Parker
by John Parker Aug 25, 2023

Have you noticed how blurred the lines between virtual and reality are? With newer technologies, we are literally moving away from real world into the virtual world, while staying close to reality.

Technologies like Mixed Reality and Extended Reality allow you to stay real virtually. There are at least 171 million VR users globally (Zippia).

The VR gaming industry reached $12.13 billion in 2022. These numbers have inspired companies to innovate the VR headsets and offer elegant solutions. After Microsoft and Google, Apple has entered this domain with its Apple Vision Pro.

This would be an exclusive VR headset that would enable the users to enter the virtual world and gain immersive experiences.

It has been defined as a Mixed Reality headset wherein the output is directly projected in front of your eyes. The idea is to demonstrate a high-resolution display that can enhance the user’s view of the virtual world.

While the announcement was made during the Apple WWDC event, they plan to launch it in 2024.

Apple’s latest vision has brilliant specs, the latest technology and an innovative approach. All these together will help the company redefine the VR spaces.

Developers and businesses are speculating the abilities of the Vision Pro. Several people want to know about the opportunities available with this device before proceeding with app development.

This guide will help them understand the new technology better. We will take you through the technology, key features, opportunities and best practices for better understanding.

Apple Vision Pro: Detailed Guide

It is important to understand the vision with which Apple developed the Vision Pro. Let’s understand each aspect of the VR headset including the technology used to build it and the future vision of the company.

Vision Pro Guide

➤ The Design

One look at the Apple Vision Pro design, and you are convinced it has been created by the innovation experts. They have used the sophisticated and aesthetic design for unmatched experiences. The glasses are made using glass, fabric and several other materials. That’s why you can guarantee quality.

The front side of the lens is three-dimensional and made of laminated glass that is designed to look like lens. The backside of the headset is where the cameras and sensors are placed. These devices are responsible for the virtual simulation of the real-world.

The comfort is designed by adding an aluminum frame that wraps around the entire headset. The alloy-based frame is where the air vents are also placed.

The headband makes up for the most comfortable movement. it is designed using 3D knitted fabric that is comfortable and breathable. there is an external slot to attach the battery pack.

➤ The Technology

Apple has always been visionary when it comes to technology. They have outdone themselves this time. With Vision Pro, Apple has taken the future by a leap.

In terms of innovation and experience, it exceeds all Apple products including the iPhone and Apple Watch. They are willing to dive deeper into the performance, and extend high-speed & reliability.

Here are highlights from the technology that will help you understand how brilliant the gadget will be when released.

★ You will need cameras and sensors to blend the digital and virtual worlds. A 3D laminated glass is placed on the device to create an optical surface that will become the lens. This will help connect the two worlds.

★ The design of the glass is sleak and made to fit all types of user faces. You will notice that it has been designed keeping the modularity of design in perspective.

★ The head band is available in diverse sizes to make it easily accommodating with the needs of the user. The band comes with a stretch mechanism as well.

★ The hardware is unique and designed to offer an edge. The glass is designed to implement a ultra-high resolution display system. It is included with the Apple’s silicon chip.

★ The device uses the micro-OLED display technology that can easily divide the 23 million pixels into two displays.

★ One of the key highlights of this system is the Spatial Audio system designed to enable real-world sounds in the virtual environment. As a result, your real and virtual environment would blend to offer immersive experiences.

★ This device comes with a 3D camera that allows you to capture and relive real-world and immersive experiences.

➤ Key Features

★ There are a pair of chips that act as the Vision Pro’s processor. M2 is the main processor, which also powers the Apple MacBook Air 2022 version. It is generally used to activate VisionOS and compute the in-built algorithms.

★ The R1 chip is responsible for handling the information coming in from the different devices and hardware. It will include cameras, sensors and microphones.

★ The thermal system inside the gadget is used to control the heat inside the headset and improve the performance.

★ They also use the DRAM that will support your R1 chip to enhance efficiency and the overall ability. It will improve the availability of the system and offer better opportunities.

★ There is an external battery pack that you get with this device. It allows you to access the Vision Pro device for about two hours. you might need to invest in a separate battery pack for backup.

★ The new operating system VisionOS is used to manage the function of the device. It is also used to integrate the device with Mac and commence the movement.

➤ Pros and Cons



Head-mounted display that ensures better privacy and less noise in the virtual environment

The $3500 price tag is the biggest flip side to this device. It might attract a premium set of customers only

Dual 4K display technologies that enhances the app visuals

The battery life is really short. Moreover, you have an external battery pack. 

Intuitive tracking abilities with gestures and eye tracking for better accessibility


The design is sleek and exciting


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Opportunities and Challenges with Apple Vision Pro

When you look at Apple Vision Pro, it is obvious that Apple is redefining the landscape. You will be looking at more immersive and advanced experiences. 

However, as the landscape it phenomenally changing, Apple might face specific challenges getting early adopters. We have identified a few challenges and opportunities that might help you move forth with the decision. 

➤ Opportunities with Apple Vision Pro

#1. Extensive Experiences

We just described the technology and exterior hardware of the Vision Pro device. This goes to show how it will enable immersive experiences. The 3D camera will capture things into the virtual world and make it more real. At the same time, the Spatial audio will create more opportunities to enhance the user’s real-world experience in the virtual stance.

#2. Increased Accessibility

When you use Vision Pro for application development, you are enhancing the user’s accessibility. They will be able to embrace the content with greater ease. The Vision Pro will also help the visually impaired people access content virtually via magnification and VoiceOver technologies.

#3. Augment Mixed Reality

Vision Pro is likely to build experiences for Mixed Reality. You can create AR experiences with ARKit, which can help enhance the virtual elements within the real world. As a result, you will be in the virtual world without moving out.

#4. Improve App Development

With Vision Pro, the developers can innovate applications and make them more compatible for the Virtual Reality. It will also extend better photography abilities through features like image stabilization within the camera.

➤ Challenges with Apple Vision Pro 

#1. Data Security

One of the major concerns when you are moving beyond gaming with VR is data security. As soon as you enter healthcare or retail domains, there is a lot of data at stake. Apple will need to work on making data secure and improve the device privacy for more people to use the VR headset.

#2. Battery Limitations

The battery backup is about two-hours. If you want to be in the virtual universe longer, you might need to invest in a backup. This could be one of the struggles for the users of Vision Pro.

#3. Change Management

This is a major struggle when implementing a new technology. While Apple has ensured that the device is easy to learn, there is still a learning curve associated with the technology. It can cause resistance and lead to major development challenges.

#4. New and Unavailable

As the developers are still speculating about the device and have limited knowledge, it can put strain on their ideas.

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➤ Best Practices to Develop Apps with Apple Vision Pro

There are top three best practices that you must follow when designing or developing for the Apple Vision Pro.

#1 Design with Guidelines

When you are designing for Apple, you must follow the specific design guidelines. If they have defined a different guideline to develop for the VisionOS, make sure you are aware of that. This will include creating the layout, defining the grid, planning the fonts and other aspects. Make sure you are fully aware of the design guidelines before moving forth.

#2 Security at the Core

Whether you are designing for the retail segment or finance, you are dealing with a lot of data. Make sure you have underlined your development process with security. If you are creating a security-led solution, you have better chances of enhancing the offering. 

Identify the vulnerabilities in the system and process your security requirements. Once you have clearly defined the requirements, you can plan your application.

#3 Monitor the Performance

This is a development best practice, irrespective of what you are creating. If you want to impress the users, you must ensure it is performing well. that’s why you must plan the metrics for performance and accordingly work on the solution.

Monitor the performance regularly and identify the issues within the application for the best outcomes.

#4 Human-centric Design

You will need to consider human-like design solutions to build an app for a more humanized device. you need to make sure that the content placement, interaction elements and other elements are ergonomically placed for better movement. The idea is to create a structure that can be intuitive.

#5 Immersion and Dimension

You might want to handle depth and scale in the best ways possible to deliver app designs for the headset. You must introduce a hierarchy to follow the depth rules. make sure that the objects closer in virtual should take precedence.

You must consider the depth, light, shadow and design to the scale to add layers of real world in the virtual environment. It is important to experiment with the layers, light and experiences to build an apt virtual solution.

Along with dimension, you must also consider immersion so that you can build extensive experiences. it is important to design apps that can easily transition across states. make sure to focus on smooth and thoughtful transitions.

#6 Design for the Eye

It is important to provide comfort to the user’s eyes. this will enhance their interactions and make them comfortable while accessing the real world virtually. It is equally important to control their neck movements when possible. this would add to their comfort and reduce the strain extensively.

#7 Secure Confidential Information

You must ensure that the sensitive information is kept private and secure. you must focus on the control features and offer content that can be accessed without any risks. if the user wants to keep some information private, it should be made possible during the design.

#8 Strong Interactions

Enable gesture, eye and contact-based interactions for the best and most immersive experiences. Vision Pro’s design guidelines offer documentation on how you can build standard and immersive experiences through different gestures.


Apple will release the Vision Pro device in 2024. They have just made the announcement with the features and design. It is going to be a highly interactive and well-defined device that can improve the virtual experiences of the user.

This device will enable better projections, define the mixed reality objects properly and give out the best solutions.

It is important to partner with the right iOS app development company to develop exceptional solutions with VisionOS. New York Mobile Tech is one of the few companies that have started understanding VisionOS and the abilities of Apple Vision Pro. We would be able to conceptualize and deliver applications for the Apple Vision Pro to meet your end goals.

Connect with our team to check the feasibility of your idea and determine the ideal processes.