The Cost Of Developing A Smart Healthcare Application Like Feverphone?

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Cost of Developing a Smart Healthcare Application Like FeverPhone
John Parker
by John Parker Jul 14, 2023

Patient experiences in the healthcare industry are dependent on accurate diagnosis, proper treatment plan, better administration/scheduling and reduced wait time. The mobile apps can support the industry in offering improved treatment, and real-time solutions to the patients.

The mHealth market size was $24.93 billion in 2020. It went to $38.89 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $314.6 billion in 2028 (FortuneBusinessInsights).

Numbers of mHealth apps available in google play
The chart indicates the total number of mHealth apps that were downloaded between 2015 and 2022. It indicates the increasing dependency on these applications.

With mHealth solutions, you can offer cost-effective healthcare solutions. It can also help hospitals and caregivers reach beyond geographies. You can also help them with the required healthcare solutions with smart and intelligent solutions.

Smart solutions can help offer data-backed insights, which can help caregivers take informed decisions.

The FeverPhone app uses internal phone sensors to check whether you have a fever or not. This app will ask the users to place the capacitive touchscreen on the patient’s forehead. This will help check the temperature.

In the case of FeverPhone, the makers have used the inherent materials to build the healthcare app features.

This guide will discuss the overall cost of developing a smartphone app like FeverPhone.

Cost of Creating Smart Healthcare Apps Like FeverPhone

Quick Cost

At the moment, this application is in its nascent stage. The developers have received a $2.3 billion grant from NIH. The app works from within the device and can help measure the temperature.

Average Cost of Simple, Medium-sized, and Complex Application

Simple/Basic Application

Advanced Application

The simple application would be used to measure the temperature. There wouldn’t be further additions.

If we add features like reporting, insight-backed recommendations and Artificial Intelligence, it can help build an accurate patient diagnosis

You can have features like profile, temperature data and login.

This will help the patient’s app become more accurate of diagnosing major diseases as well

The developer’s hourly rate is $80 on an average

We won’t be able to calculate the cost of the application, as it depends on several factors

Without taking anything else into consideration, the total cost would be $40k

In this case, the healthcare application will need more developers on-board.

Top 5 Cost-Deciding Factors for Smart Healthcare Apps

As discussed, the smart healthcare app development cost will depend on several factors. We have identified the top factors for your consideration.

Top 5 Cost-Deciding Factors

#1 Platform Compatibility

If you are planning a smart fever detector app like FeverPhone, you must define the audience. This will help you plan the platform for the application. In the case of FeverPhone, it uses the native components to check the body temperature. Currently, they are working with Google Pixel 6.

If you have to use native components, you might adhere to native approaches for development. This can strain your budget slightly. You might need to work on a separate budget for iOS and Android devices.

There may be instances when your fever tracker medical app doesn't use the native components. Additionally, you can access the few native components it might use via cross-platform frameworks. This means you can opt for a cross-platform development approach.

Platform compatibility is the key to understanding the exact cost of developing a smart detector application.

#2 User interface and design requirements

When you plan the cost of mobile app development, you must consider the expenses of devising the user experience design. It is equally important to plan a separate budget for layout, prototype and interface design.

When you are creating the design, the layout plays a pivotal role. It can help you determine the areas where the elements should be arranged.

For instance, there is a safe zone where you can add elements and make them accessible. There is an unsafe or extended zone, where your fingers or thumb won't reach. If the designer adds the elements there, it may not be accessible.

To plan the design that interacts and engages with the customer, you must add designers and experienced specialists to your team. This would be a cost that you must consider.

#3 Security and Privacy Considerations

In a FeverPhone-like app, the creators can get people to sign up and create profiles. This would help get the temperature records for each person in the family and add the medical records individually. You can also create a full-fledged healthcare application from it.

If you keep advancing the features, you would be capturing more data from the users. This would mean, you need to maintain the security and privacy of the data. Data breaches in healthcare can cost you a lot. It can also make you lose your reputation.

That’s why you must follow the country’s guidelines and collect the data keeping the data privacy regulations in mind.

#4 Testing and Deployment

You must test your application thoroughly before launching it to the users. A proper testing strategy and execution needs the right team by your side. You must consider employing the apt solution specialists for debugging and enhancing the solution.

When you invest in testing, you can launch a quality application. However, you must consider this expense when planning the estimates for FeverPhone like application.

The deployment cost depends on the platform/s where you will be launching the application.

#5 Maintenance and Updates

If you launch an application without looking at it afterwards, you would halt the most likely conversions for your business. You would also restrict the user experience and lower engagement.

It is important to listen to your customers and incorporate their feedback. You must update the application regularly. Think about adding new features or upgrades to improve the look and feel of your application.

It is a good idea to add the maintenance or update cost while estimating your mobile app development budget.

How to Reduce the Cost of Developing FeverPhone-like Apps?

When planning the budget or going through the estimate phase, you are likely to touch the maximum amount. It would be great if you can reduce the cost of building these apps significantly. Here are a few points that can help reduce the development cost.

How to Reduce the Cost of Developing

1. Conduct a Thorough Market Research

When you start building an app without conducting research, you are playing the field blind. You are not aware of how your competition works. Worse still, you may not know your competition at all.

As a result, you don’t know the gaps that need to be closed. Your team is unaware of what the user really needs. It is possible your app doesn’t cover most of the issues the user group is facing.

You will spend a lot of money developing and marketing the app without the required returns. To reduce the cost of development and ensure maximum returns, it is a good idea to research your niche and competition.

You would know the challenges your users are facing and can build a user-led experience design for the application.

2. Define Clear App Development Goals

The purpose of the application should be clear and precise. For instance, in the case of the FeverPhone application, they wanted to use the smartphone as a thermometer. This clear purpose helped direct the application in the right path.

You must have clear goals on how you wish to proceed with the development. For instance, do you want to launch an MVP before planning the full-fledged application? Are you planning a basic app version first?

The clear milestones will help the entire team focus on creating a single application. It will also ensure you meet your timeline goals.

3. Optimize the Development Process

It is possible your developer gets overwhelmed while building the application. There could be a chance that they move away from the actual goals of the project.

However, you must ensure that doesn’t happen. It can make the entire project suffer in the long run. To avoid this, you might want to optimize the whole process.

Identify the key elements of your development process. Work on them and ensure they are perfectly connected. Planning the process in a way that each move falls smoothly after the previous is equally important.

When the development process is well-defined, you have fewer chances of overspending. You would have the exact estimates and can follow them.

4. Optimize App Performance and Efficiency

Performance issues, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the application can call for a rework. You might have to spend again on revising the portions of the app that aren’t working well. Your developer will again sit with the application, and overspending will become a part of this job. You can avoid it by checking for performance.

Make sure you conduct thorough performance testing before launching the application. You must check for any inefficiencies in the system that can hamper your app’s launch. It is very important to conduct a thorough testing process before you launch the application.

5. Streamline User Interface and User Experience

Your interface and experience design should work together like magic. Remember, interface is the point where the customer connects with your business. If you haven’t worked on creating a smooth experience there, you might prevent future conversions.

This is why you must design the user experience and follow it up with the interface design. It will help you plan the movements better, design the screens to match the user’s requirements and offer interactive solutions.

When you create the experience design, you know how users interact. This will help ensure a friction-free interface. You may not have any issues with engaging the customers. This would save a lot of extra time and cost that can go into building an interface solution.

The Must-have Features in your FeverPhone Like App

Let’s talk about a few things that you must include in your FeverPhone-like app. While the entire features of the original app are not out, we believe these are a few must-include features.

7 must have features in your feverphone like app

#1 Temperature Detection through Phone

The phone will become a thermometer and measure the temperature. It will let out a colour display or a sound in case you have a higher temperature. In case, the temperature is normal, the application will let out a different colour/sound to mention it.

Using the sensor components inside the phone, the smart app will detect the temperature and record it.

#2 Logging the Records

As there are dangers of other diseases as well that are associated with fever, maintaining a log is important. You can show the doctor for how long you have had the same temperature. You can also show the frequency at which it went up and down. These records will help the doctors recommend tests.

#3 Medical History

It is important for the apps to store the medical history of the patient. The treatment would require a glance at past records. This would include surgeries, details of interaction with other doctors and so on.

An entire medical history in a single place can help your doctor plan the treatment better.

#4 Profile

If you are going to record the details of more than one person, create separate profiles for them. This would ensure different logs for each person. It would also help the doctor know which person is suffering from fever right now.

#5 Connect with Doctor

If we can expand the entire app and add a few more things, include doctor-finder. It would help the patients connect with the doctor from within the app. It would help people in remote regions access healthcare facilities in real time.

#6 Live Chat

There would be patients who would prefer to connect with the doctor via chat. You can offer this facility by implementing live chat. This would ensure that the patient can connect immediately after recording high temperatures for a while. It would help them stay aware of their health.

#7 Customizations

It is important to extend some form of customization to the patient. It can help improve the engagement and usability of the application.

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How Does New York Mobile Tech Helps Deliver Capable App Solutions?

FeverPhone application is not just a smart application; it has turned the smartphone into a device as well. This means the application uses the components within the phone to create solid data. It also ensures you can access the thermometer without actually carrying one.

We have experts on our team who understand the ways to build and use components to build an application. Our team has worked with a wide range of frameworks that can access native components without compromising performance.

Our expertise in native and cross-platform approaches, allows us to create relevant experiences with the application. A strong process that comprises building the experience followed by the interface and backend ensures accessible and usable app solutions.

We offer complete testing and deployment of the solutions that enable us to give you the best solutions. Our performance optimization experts ensure you don’t need to invest extra in revamping the solution.


FeverPhone is a raging application because it has literally translated the phone into another device. It has created the ease of carrying the thermometer around. The FeverPhone application has received a good grant from the NIH.

However, if you are planning a similar application, you can always create an MVP within $50k or so. You might need additional costs and estimates to keep adding features and producing native applications.

New York Mobile Tech is an expert software application development company. We have mobile app development experts who can offer both native and cross-platform development approaches. If you want to create a FeverPhone-like application, connect with our team.