8 Best Ways AI is Being Used in Web Development

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Power of AI in Web Development
John Parker
by John Parker Jul 27, 2023

Websites and web applications are still holding the future of the digital era. You cannot avoid investing in a good web solution if you want thriving conversions.

There are several aspects to consider when planning a website. Ensuring faster Discovery and improving the SERPs is the first point. Apart from that, you must deliver a high-quality design and aesthetic solution.

Many website users can leave your web application or site for the above reasons. Slow loading ranks highest, according to the survey conducted by GoodFirms.

Cost of designing a website

When investing in web development, you must consider a mobile-friendly design. Your users may view the application or site on their mobile device browser.

61% of the users highly believe in websites that have invested in mobile-friendly design (WPBeginner).

While keeping the design and loading smooth is essential, a web app developer must think beyond the basics. With advancements in technology, it has become important to invest in futuristic technologies.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to include AI to boost their productivity. According to a PWC report, AI adoption will increase their productivity by at least 40%.

This is an excellent investment for the development teams across. It can help them streamline their work, enhance the solution and accelerate development.

This article will discuss the use of AI in web development. We will discuss how this technology enables faster development and productive developers.

8 Ways AI is Used in Web App Development

While Artificial Intelligence is excellent at working through data and building insights, it is not the only benefit. You can use AI in multiple ways to develop the best web application for the business. We have identified numerous areas where the technology can support the developer and their development needs.

The Best Ways AI is Used in Web App Development

#1. Offers Coding Assistants

Tools have been developed that can assist the developers with coding. These assistants will build the syntax using the brief text suggested by the developers. It will use logic and flow to create the exact code sentences.

This can save a lot of the developer’s time, as it is taken over by writing the code. However, these code assistants are still in the nascent stage. As a result, they may not provide accurate codes. Your developer must test the outcomes and check them before launching it.

With more data available at the tool’s disposal, they will get a better understanding. This would help them create more accurate and winning codes for the application.

As AI is built on critical thinking, logical patterns and reasoning, this would help the tools raise the bar as coding assistants efficiently.

#2. Enhances Content Personalization

This is an important part of web development. Your content will drive more sales and enhance conversions. However, web developers and marketing teams often fail to understand what would be good content for the page.

AI tools can help personalize the content that is delivered to the user. Your content team can use the synopsis to build the sales material and drive more conversions. AI will give you meaningful and usefull content for your target.

This way, your content would no longer be generic. It can add value to the website or web application you are developing. Lastly, it would give your business the marketing front it deserves.

#3. Better Search Engine Optimization

You focus on driving more visits when developing a web application or website. The website remains incomplete without the right SEO strategies. That’s why your developer is fixated on driving technical and organic optimization while developing.

However, you need several people to work on it together. For instance, your SEO team and the developers must optimize the websites. However, both teams are ignorant of the other’s functions, which can cause delays.

AI can bridge the gap and help developers boost their SEO efforts. The technology can offer apt keywords, Meta content and other technical strategies to streamline optimization.

Tools like ChatGPT will help the developers add SEO-friendly text to the website. AI will help boost your website’s discoverability. As a result, you would rank higher on the search engine results pages. It would also help you get more visits to the website.

#4. Smart Chatbots

When someone visits your business website at night, can they connect with someone? The user would have a lot of queries, and you must answer them. However, there is no way your support staff working through the night can resolve multiple queries.

Implementing smart Chatbots can help you ensure that your business is solving the user’s queries. For instance, when the user walks in, the bots will ask to offer them knowledgebase articles, raise support tickets or even offer them immediate respite.

This would help improve the abilities of your business. It can add to the overall business productivity, offering respite to the support team.

Moreover, they will ensure you don’t miss a single visitor. This means you are not missing conversion possibilities, thus driving business towards profits.

Chatbots can easily mimic human conversations with practice. That’s the best part of implementing bots on your website.

#5. Add Voice-Based Interactions

Collaborations and searches are two critical aspects of web development. One happens when the web developer is still working on the website. The other occurs when the user is interacting with the website.

You can use voice-based assistants to enhance the coding efforts and collaboration within the teams. The assistants will help manage the tasks, identify real-time issues, and ensure all developers are on the same page.

There are several other aspects of project management and task collaboration that the assistants can help with. Eventually, it will benefit your development goals. You would notice increased productivity within the organization and high-quality solutions.

Voice interactions are a benefit that you gain from implementing AI. It supports voice searches, allowing users to complete looking for products on the go. They don’t need to depend on typing on mobile devices while in a moving bus or car. They can simply tell the application what they are looking for.

This would improve the interactions and engagement with the application. Eventually, it would lead to more conversions for the business. People staying longer in the business will also increase revenue generation.

#6. Effortless Testing

When it comes to building your web application, testing plays a crucial role. You cannot launch your application without ensuring it is properly tested. However, developers and testing teams spend a lot of time ensuring proper quality.

Moreover, you spend a lot of time completing the test procedures. That can be avoided with the implementation of AI in your application. You can automate most tests. It can also help you ensure you can minimize the manual intervention.

As a result, the test results are accurate, and you can launch the bug-free app. Automation can also handle the complexities involved in the tests.

#7. Improves Web Design

We cannot undermine the importance of AI in design. Yes, it is revamping the design world with its inputs. You would have noticed that several people are using AI to reimagine earlier designs.

Some tools can help developers build apt designs, creating the development structure and content placements. Once you have entered basic details about your website, the AI will set out to build the solution.

There are several aspects of design aesthetics where AI tools are the experts. You can easily devise an incredible image or web design with minimal text prompts. Wix is one of the few builders that uses AI to boost web design.

#8. Fosters Positive User Experience

Owing to its understanding of the target market, AI can deliver user-centric experiences. You would notice that the technology can create a more personalized experience design that can improve user experience.

They know how users connect with mobile applications, use them and interact with them. This has enabled them to create fully-defined experience solutions that lead to engagement.

Your marketing and development teams can stay assured that AI can help them deliver a user-centric and engaging website solution.

Will Implement AI Enhance Developer’s Productivity?

AI in web development will reimagine the processes. It will enhance the developer’s productivity and further web personalization. Here are all the ways AI can benefit web development.

AI in web app development

#1 Save Coding Time

You can accelerate coding when you include tools that can convert your text inputs into code. It will help developers reduce the time spent on developing the application. With reduced coding efforts, the developer can spend time innovating the application and building logic.

#2 Accurate Results

Whether you are building the design or testing the application, AI can increase accuracy. You will notice that the technology removes the precision errors and negligence caused by human intervention.

Moreover, the technology can further all your efforts by conducting multiple tasks simultaneously. That can accelerate development and lead to faster launches.

#3 Improves Collaboration

You can automate most of the tasks when you work with AI tools. You can also use the assistants to further the collaboration between the teams. This can ensure that the bottlenecks are removed. As a result, you get to enjoy enhanced outcomes.

#4 Improves Delegation

AI can become your personal assistant for development practices. With the digital assistant, you can enhance project management. It will also help you improve delegation and development decision-making.

#5 Know Customers Better

You can enhance your web design and development using the customer’s data. You will have enough understanding of your customer’s purchase and usage behavior.

This can help develop patterns to boost the design and work on intuitive interactions. You can enhance the personalization elements for better engagement.

Use Cases for Web Applications

There are numerous use cases for AI in diverse industries. We have been looking at these use cases to understand the potential of this technology.

5 Best Use Cases for Web Applications

#1 Early Diagnosis

When you use AI in the healthcare industry, you can determine the issues in the early stages. You are aware of the accuracy of your diagnosis with intelligent machines. With better solutions, they can detect everything from heart issues to cancer in the early stage.

#2 Better Decision-making

This is true for all industries. Whether in manufacturing, finance or healthcare, AI provides complete visibility into the core processes. This helps drive better decisions as you have data-backed insights.

Your machines will build the patterns that can help you plan for improvement.

#3 Determining the Frauds

AI in web applications can help you determine fraud in the industry. The algorithm has set patterns that can be used to diagnose any irregular activity. This would lead to identifying the frauds and ensuring seamless activities. You can improve customer experiences in the banking and finance industry with this.

#4 Customer Service Automation

This is a classic example of how winning businesses are incorporating AI. With the technology, you can connect with the users at odd hours. Automating the desk with the right solutions and workflows can help improve ticket resolution.

You can always offer them solutions using the bots. However, if you need the customer service agent to be involved, it can be done using AI tools.

#5 Automate Processes

Several industries are working under pressure because of mundane jobs. There is work that requires manual intervention though they are repetitive. AI makes these jobs faster and more productive. You will notice that the tools can automate regular and manual jobs.

For instance, marketing teams can automate Email sending with AI tools. There are similar processes across industries that AI can automate. This reduces the burden on the teams.

Will AI Replace Development Teams?

One of the oft-asked questions is whether AI will replace the developers or the development teams in an organization. The quick answer is no. They will not replace people. However, their assistance will help the developers focus on core jobs and innovation.

AI uses the existing data to build accurate patterns and algorithms. However, it cannot replace how your mind thinks and develops logic. That’s why AI will be a great assistant and not a replacement.

Similarly, you can use AI to help your users engage better with web applications. However, AI cannot become the face of your team or your website developer.

The core function of AI is to help developers be more productive. It will save the time they spend on mundane tasks. As a result, the team can concentrate on important aspects.


AI will become the developer’s best friend and partner in building web applications and websites. Whether you want to integrate cloud computing technology or enhance the web application experience, AI will be at the core of all these tasks. It will be used to make the developer’s life easy and hassle-free.

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