The Top 10 Benefits of Utilizing AI in Mobile App Developments

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10 benefits of utilizing AI in mobile app development in 2023
John Parker
by John Parker Jun 19, 2023

Mobile apps have gained a special place in business transformation. You will note that most businesses have started their digital journey with mobile applications. It is the safest route as it can connect, attract and engage the users enough to make them decide.

However, with time, mobile apps have become more indispensable for users. With almost everything at their fingertips, it was a solution that businesses or their users couldn’t resist. For instance, intelligent solutions help businesses access their reports and gain insights into the data available.

142.6 billion apps were downloaded in 2022 (BusinessofApps). This data also indicates how important apps are for their users.

You couldn’t develop an app without incorporating the latest technologies such as AI, Cloud, ML, IoT, or Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence is the app’s best friend, which you cannot deny including in your application.

It has helped many businesses improve their conversions, add to their loyal customer base and improve sales. This guide will discuss the defining benefits of adding AI to your mobile app.

Top 10 Benefits of AI(Artificial Intelligence) in Mobile App Development

Are you planning to consider incorporating AI in your next mobile application? The revenue from the AI software market has gone from $10.1 billion in 2018 to $70.94 billion in 2023 (Statista).

worldwide artificial intelligence market revenues

Here are a few reasons AI is the perfect technology for mobile app development.

benefits of ai in mobile app development

#1 Improves Authentication

The cyber-world is full of prowlers waiting to hack your website or application. You need to enhance authentications to ensure data security and keep it privately managed.

Regular passwords can be easily hacked. Cybercriminals can easily hack into the applications with role-based security or OTP methods after a point.

However, if you were to use biometrics to keep your data safe, that’s an altogether different story. This can help you maintain high-security standards and enhance the authentication formulas. You will notice that the biometrics are specific to the user. No cybercriminal can hack into such systems.

Incorporating AI into your mobile app can improve security and ensure stricter verifications.

#2 Boosts Productivity

When you use Artificial Intelligence in place of your resources to complete most of the tasks, you enhance business productivity. For instance, people use Chatbots to converse with customers instead of actual help. The bots will resolve the issues and get the agents into the conversations when needed for the particular problem.

This is just one example of how bots or AI can help enhance productivity. You will notice that the NLP in AI can study through documents and point out mistakes, thus fixing possible errors. AI can help you manage with fewer resources and get tasks done faster.

It is a productivity-inducing tool that can keep organizations moving toward growth.

#3 Automate Tedious Tasks

There are a lot of tedious and repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your resource time. It can hamper your innovations and even curb your productivity.

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps can help you automate your repetitive tasks.

For instance, moving a lead into different clusters is tedious and repetitive. You can set workflows and conditions to get this done.

Similarly, collecting the data and building reports can be tedious. It can take your team’s time and effort. However, when you induce automation, you tend to improve the data collection and insight building.

You need to determine the tasks that can be automated and present them in the workflows. You will save a lot of your team’s time eventually.

#4 Real-time Conversations

Most people have issues or queries with the business and wish to communicate in real-time. Marketing and sales are based on the outcome of these conversations. However, if you are unavailable when your customer is talking, and someone else is, you might lose your business to them.

Bots and other forms of AI foster real-time conversations. This can help enhance your business's abilities and give them more time to connect with the customers. Real-time conversations can enable customers towards decision making. It enhances their ability to choose the right product or service.

#5 Personalized Experiences

You can carve personalized experiences when you have AI technology by your side. You would know what is stopping the customer from making a decision. For instance, you would know whether a discount coupon would help them convert or not. You can decide what you should send in the Email to maximize the clickthrough rate.

You can also create personalized dashboards with their chosen products, browsing history, and other details. The more personalized the solution is, the longer they stay with your business. Personalization is the key to retention, and you should adopt AI to factor in this experience.

#6 Know your Customers

Getting to know your customers is like winning a lottery worth millions. It gives you a lot of data points. You can use that can be used to convert and retain every lead that visits your website or application.

When you have AI in your mobile app, you have all the data required to build a solid persona. You would know if they have been loyal to your business or are considering moving away.

You will get a 360-degree view of the customer’s purchase habits, normal routines, spending history, and even their favorite items. These can help you plan your loyalty program, discounts and marketing messages.

This is an entire world’s data at your doorstep that you don’t want to miss. It will help you build personalized and converting strategies for the business.

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#7 Get Recommendations

Instant recommendations on everything your customer does or wants can help boost your business efforts. For example, after studying your customer’s browsing history, you are well aware of everything important to them. You can suggest what they should purchase or recommend the stores they should visit.

For example, if you are a streaming channel, you can use AI to suggest shows your customer should watch. Similarly, you can talk to your customer about the purchases they should make and the ones they have made.

In case you are a spend management app, you can also recommend the expenses they should stop.

#8 Problem-Solving Abilities

Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology because it can extend a number of solutions to your existing problems. Solutions like NLP and Deep Learning can enable you to find solutions. They will help resolve issues like fraud within a practice, accuracy in diagnosis and other related things.

You will notice that AI technology can help you in multiple ways tackling a basic problem. When combined with Machine Learning patterns, deep learning helps develop algorithms to solve issues around your business. It will reduce the bottlenecks and streamline the processes.

#9 Offers Smooth User Experience

One of the main ways in which your user is likely to stay longer and engaged is the experience you offer. If your experience is too good, your user may spend their entire day in your application.

Artificial Intelligence extends a smooth and interactive experience to the users. It helps connect with the user via a conversational interface and a more accessible unit. Your user will feel comfortable accessing the application.

#10 Better Search Results

When users are in motion or mobile, they may want to avoid typing and searching for things within the application. Incorporating AI allows your app to offer voice searches to the customer. This would help the customer search faster and get the results sooner than expected.

Your mobile app engagement will increase with image and voice recognition, as it helps the customers get relevant results. You might notice that this increase in assistance can also get you better conversion rates.

Top AI Applications with Approximate Cost

Let’s look at all the top AI mobile and web applications that have managed to further this technology in the business domain.

#1 Personalized Shopping in eCommerce

This is one of the most popular AI apps. It can cost anywhere between $40k and $100k to incorporate this into your eCommerce application.

With the right solutions, you can make your eCommerce solution a personal assistant to your customer. It will enhance their shopping experiences. AI will use technologies such as NLP to help look into the customer’s queries. You can also take note of their profile (purchases and everything included).

This would help your mobile app know which customer requires which level of assistance. You can also showcase the products/services that best match their needs with the help of NLP in the shopping application.

#2 Voice Assistants

This is one of the finest AI applications incorporated in most applications. It will make searches easy and efficient. With voice assistants, the user can easily make notes and create to-do lists. You can also seek the assistant's help in planning your day.

The voice assistants are like your personal assistants living virtually. They will remind you of your personal tasks as well as your professional ones. They can help you manage the work-life balance most efficiently.

It will cost around $40k and $55k to build a voice assistant application to bolster productivity.

#3 Filtering Spam

Email phishing is real and can become a big scam. Moreover, spam can affect your inbox management too. You might want to prevent both issues in a go.

That’s why you need AI solutions in your mobile app. It can become the smart engine that helps filter spam from your email.

The spam filters that are intelligent will ensure that the spam content doesn’t reach your inbox. This will enable better productivity and allow your users to stay at the top of their emails. You will also ensure fewer email frauds as a result. Hire AI development services to implement this solution.

#4 Recommendation Systems

Many businesses have implemented recommendation systems with AI to enhance customer experiences. Netflix and Amazon have been ruling the niche with this recommendation system.

When you have AI, you can study the customer and understand their needs in-depth. You would know what they like. You can also check how they use the application, and what are some of the things they use on the application.

You can automatically incorporate the recommendation system to tell them what they can use in the application. For example, you can show them products they might be interested in. Show them all the other ways in which they can win more customers.

Recommendations use insights that the business has developed to create a more personalized experience for the user.

This AI system can be created with as less than $15k. Depending on the complexities, the cost will increase.

#5 Automation with Workflows

Most businesses spend a lot of time ensuring the work is done on time. You will note that companies must work around tedious tasks to find time for essential jobs.

AI can reduce the stress induced by tedious jobs with automation. You can create workflows using conditions and automate repetitive jobs. This will automatically impact resource efficiency and enhance the outcomes of your business app.

How to Choose the Perfect AI Apps Development Company?

Partnering with the right AI app development partner is important to help implement apt solutions. They will strategize well, plan the processes and enjoy streamlined outcomes.

ai app development company

#1 Past AI Development Experience

Check their portfolio to see if they have experience developing AI app solutions for businesses. The experience will help you know if they can create a similar or experiential solution for your business.

The development experience will help you realize how effective their solution was. You will know if they have handled complexities. On digging deeper, you would know how they handled the workflows and enhanced the solution.

#2 Their Communication Process

It is very important to take note of how they communicate with you while working on the project. The communication process will help ensure you both are on the same page with regard to the project. In case of bottlenecks or queries, the communication protocol can help.

When you are not communicating, you would not know if they have understood your idea and produced it effectively. Check how they keep the processes transparent and maintain constant communication.

#3 Look for their Questions

The app development company must ask the right questions. They should have the right mindset and ask the appropriate questions to you.

You might want to look for someone else if they aren’t asking enough or the right questions. They should have complete clarity of the project before getting started.


Artificial Intelligence is gaining momentum in 2023. You will notice more businesses embracing the technology to boost conversions and enhance experiences.

There are several benefits of incorporating AI in the application, including boosting conversions and enhancing automation. It will give the business desired efficiency and customer retention.

We have discussed the top three things to consider when choosing an AI development company. New York Mobile Tech is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We are proficient with AI technology and have developed comprehensive solutions. Connect with our team to discuss your idea.